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DECLUTTER! ♻️ powders, bronzers & more! 💕 MAKEUP ORGANISATION 2021

today we are decluttering and arranging my powders, loose powders, shapes, bronzers, some under eye powders and NEW items too! I avoided past this drawer some how so here we are … I can’t choose what drawer to do next bc I wish to entirely move a few of my products !! xx
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Hello everyone today we have another  declutter finally which i’m very excited to   film um as some of you realize i missed  this draw i went straight to my mascaras   after doing foundation and everything i don’t  know how this skipped my mind but it did so   today we’re backtracking we’re doing  pressed powders and bronzers so my bronzers   go in the bottom drawer and then my crease powders  are right here up top we’re going to start with   you know bronzers and everything and get the  straw done and then move up you can see that   we’re really pressed for space right here um so  i’m just going to completely empty out the drawer   and start fresh and just filter stuff in  for you guys so yeah i’m really looking   forward to it enjoy hope you guys enjoy  the um fast food sounds as well as always there is some random stuff in  this drawer like this kylie jumbo   like eye shadow in that gold color like why is  it in here i don’t know but anyway all right so   Let’s get started please excuse my nails in  advance um wear and lock down while i’m filming   this so haven’t been able to get my nails done  and they’re very very grown out and chipped so   yeah and i don’t have my ring on right now no  reason don’t worry we’re still happily married   so we have these heart hamptons weekender contour  palette which i absolutely adore i mean you said   a little while but that’s going to stay can you  even see this i hope so um we have some toothpaste   bronzies we also have the hulas i do have another  hula which i haven’t tried yet so i need to make   sure i’ve got space today it’s the hula glow uh  but anyways so we have this bronze peach by too   faced which i actually really liked but i think  i’m gonna declutter this because i do have a lot   of other cream bronzers i feel like this one might  have been like limited edition or whatever so   i’ll declutter that and then i’m going to keep  these two so we’ve got chocolate gold soleil for   too faced which is stunning and we’ve also got  the milk chocolate soleil which i bought for a   full face of your guys favorites i think it was um  so i will continue to use that a little bit it’s   Not my favorite so theoretically i should probably  like declutter a battle so i just put in i don’t   want to like just get rid of it straight away i’ve  got two caramels because they’re like one of my   favorite bronzers so i think i will keep one in  here and then take the other one back to my beach   house which is where i think this came from in the  first place i have more like palettes so like the   charlotte tilbury jewel i don’t know maybe i can  put them back there does that shine no it doesn’t shuts there for some reason there you go all  right so i’ve got my highlight colors back here   on this side or contour highlight palette kind  of vibes i have my too faced pineapple bronzer   which i feel like surely this is discontinued i  really liked this but we’ll declutter that one   um i’ve got nars lagoona which i don’t even really  reach for that often but i feel like i can’t   get rid of it right now i don’t know i’m gonna  keep them for now i have a couple of it’s heart   bronzers so we have park f princess the shimmery  one and then we’ve got pacquiv princess the matte   one i actually really like them so they can stay  for now we might readjust the um organization of   These a little bit soon i’m definitely keeping my  nabla umbra highlighting powder this is so pretty   i have this like that’s a powder we’ll talk  about that in a second i’ve got powders and   bronzers a little bit mixed up in here right now  um we have a barley sands by becca which becker   is discontinued right so i should probably order  that that’s so nice though i give it to a friend   to enjoy because i won’t really use that on video  anymore since we can’t get it and i do have it too   over the medium city bronzes ones are warm and  ones in pool by maybelline i might keep them as   you know drugstore options i have my javon  shea healthy glow in shade too love that   that’s gonna stay and of course my hourglass is  definitely gonna stay this is the shave radiance   radiant blonde light uh my new dior one’s gonna  stay that i just used in my full face of do your   makeup i’ll link that video down below i’ve got  the glow-ish light bronzer i really like it so   far it makes you look very airbrushed and  i do have a couple more shades so i need to   put some room aside i might actually go  into my drawing a second and actually like   Grab them um i’ve got my dior shade 4 in which  i like to use more as like a bronzer it’s a   little bit too dark for me most of the time so  i use it to like warm up my face so i might just   pop this a bit somewhere my makeup next sunlit  skin bronzer i love this this is so nice so i’m   definitely keeping that one i highly recommend  that it’s probably one of my favorites my battery   needs to be changed so let me go find some more  bronzers i’ve got heaps on the ground still that   we’re filtering back in that i took out just now  but i’ll grab some new ones too so we can like   organize the more satisfying um you know with  the other shades of the bronzers and everything   all right so i have hula glow which i’ve  not tried yet so i will try it in a video   it’s so unsatisfying how like this section is  slightly smaller so i can’t fit them all in   i guess we’ll go like that i don’t know um we’ve  got two more of the glow-ish so we’ve got the   shade medium and tan light and then this one’s in  light so i don’t know if tan light’s going to be   too dark but this one’s almost borderline  too light for me like i use it when i’ve   Got like no baking okay vibe this one  looks quite dark but i’m still curious   um i don’t know what to do here i  might just leave it in the box in here   because you know me i do like a  darker bronze a lot of the time   i’m just gonna swatch it yeah i feel like i  might actually just unbox the last one because   i reckon i’m gonna like it let me swatch it yeah  totally a very buildable natural kind of colors   and then we also have this which i grabbed because  i have this one which i used in a4 face of first   impressions i’ll link it below and i was obsessed  with this it reminds me so much of the hula   caramel color this is golden tan cream at bronzer  i think i’m going to put creams over this side   then i’ve also got amber which looks a little  bit less orangey like it’s a little bit more   i guess like yellow toned or something  this one’s very caramely so i’ve got   both of those i’ve also got the tarte say  chellies i don’t know how to pronounce that   uh cream bronzer which i like i want to keep for  now and i’ve got my denissa myricks beauty cream   Bronzer we’ve got the shade light and medium right  there i’ve got my tom ford bronzer which i don’t   reach for enough but it is actually very pretty  look at that it’s like a shimmery one so keep   um we have galactic beauty cabo which is really  nice i used to love that but i might declutter   it’s quite old we’ve got global glow by mac and  we have the golden bronze loose powder which is   a really good dupe for the wonder poutine gobi  that i always rave about i have this doll beauty   sun bronzer in medium which i want to keep this  is very orangy too which i low-key like just love i also have this mac silver dusk version which  is more of a highlighter so we’ll pop that aside   i have this really old makeup obsession contour  which i might keep just as like a drugstore   option contour and then i have bunches  of cream and liquids so i am going to go   through so we’ve got the contour stick by  anastasia beverly hills which i’ll keep   we have the kindle kylie stick which i actually  like love do i keep it or not because it’s limited   i’m gonna keep it for now we’ll see how they  fit we’ve got the chubby stick we’ve got the   Ofra which i love this is such good stuff it’s  the shade sunset it’s the skin sculpting wand i   love that um we have the fenty matchsticks which  i’ll keep for now i just purchased that for a   full face of i think it was your guys favorites  and then of course my hollywood contour wand i   love so that’s gonna stay and then we’ve got these  benefit products which are actually very very old   so i think i might get rid of those and i think  they’re discontinued anyway and then we’ve got   the kylie bronze medium bronzer stick let me  just double check i do have all of the new   kylie stuff so i might just check and see what’s  there and kind of swap it out for the new stuff   we’ve also got the maybelline v face duo stick as  well which would as well just pop in there we’ve   got the space i do have a couple of palettes as  well like my clio cocoa palette and this mac one   which is more of like highlights this thing  is falling apart it’s honestly like i’m kind   of disappointed in the quality of that for  something that’s so beautiful i’m like why um   yeah one second all right so we have four bronzes  there’s no new like stick so we’ll keep those um   This stick that i’ve kept is in bronze medium by  the way it’s a really nice color i’ve used it a   few times so yeah those are creams i feel like  i should move these creams over there so maybe   we’ll do that shortly but anyway so i have at the  shades almond this is the bronzing powder almonds   and then this one is in the shade tanned and  gorgeous then this one is in the shade toasty and   then this one is in the shade khaki which i think  is the palest one it does look very pretty though   so yeah almonds gonna be way too dark i think  so i’m going to donate that which is the box   the boxes are so cute and then this one looks too  dark as well which is tanned and gorgeous and then   we’ve got toasty which i feel like i could pull  off but i just don’t really want it i think i   would just keep kaki which is the pale one surely  there’s more shades because uh these shades the   numbers seem to jump up like that’s 100 khaki 300  toasty 400 and then the last one was 600 i think   so i think there must be some in between shades  so i’d probably go for the one above that normally   but we’ll just keep this one to try out at some  stage i’m gonna keep that in there for now and   Then we’ve got heaps of blushes and highlighters  which we will try out in the blush and highlighter   part of my declutter so i’m just thinking do  i want to move around some stuff and go well i don’t really know what my thought process is  here but we’ve got space for growth which is nice   um i think that’s pretty much it  i think i probably do have a few   more bronzers around the place but let’s  just go ahead and open up the powders now   so i’ll readjust my camera so you can see better  there might be a couple of bronzers randomly in   here too we will soon find out i’m not too sure um  this drawer is in absolute shambles all right so i   think you can see everything now uh once again we  will just take everything out and filter back in so okay so i definitely had way too many  uh loose powders considering i don’t   use loose powder very often at all as  you guys know if you watch my videos so   i just put one of these dividers back and  i don’t really know where to start maybe Let’s start with my like mineral powder foundation  so we’ve got the tribe mineral foundation i love   this you can just use it online um i also use  a fit cover i think that’s at my beach house   and i feel like this is my new favorite so who  cares um okay i honestly am just like i don’t   even know where to start i just know that i need  to be cut throat because most of the powders in   the straw i am a huge fan of right but um there’s  just too many and it’s too messy um so they’ve got   to go i do have the cover effects pressed powders  which these are discontinued but i still have   quite a lot and it still seems to perform so well  um so i do think i’ll still keep it i may as well   just use it up just in like real life you know  when i’m not filming videos because i do love it   so much i feel like it’s almost identical to the  mac studio fix powder which i have many of as well   so let me just grab them all um is the powder  i wore on my wedding day it’s the powder i’ve   gone for years now oh i’ve also got the shade n10  of the cover effects which is like my pale one so   i don’t know i feel like i do have more powders  than this by neck i just don’t know where they are   So this is obviously a backup in cf-30 we  have c30 which is the same as nc30 basically   it’s almost empty so i might just declutter  italy all right we’ve got c2 almost empty we have   nc at 25 that one’s nice and new we have nc20 nice  and new so you saw it here first when i do film my   empties eventually do you guys still like empties  it’ll be very chill like this it’s just like   probably about 60 mini reviews on products that  i’ve finished using um i’ve got a whole tub in my   hallway cupboard full of skincare body care hair  care etc so let me know if you want to see that   and i’ll film it i’ve just been putting it off  because i’m not sure if anyone wants to see that   um but yeah you saw it here first i’m not gonna  bother putting them in their video now because   you guys know i’ve used up my mixture fixed  powder so i can go ahead and use my new one   exciting so i’ve got nc20 ac25 and you’ll see 30  which is like my freshest fake tan kind of shade   all right okay this is where it gets  hectic um i’m gonna grab some stuff   that i just am gonna eyeball and declutter  and give to friends straight off the bat um I’ll declutter the colourpop i don’t know  i’m just grabbing stuff that this is amazing   but it’s so hard for you guys to get sorry i’m  like lost in my own train of thought right now   because i’m like stressed about this this is so  good but it’s impossible for you guys to get in   limited edition it’s like a chinese brand um yeah  whatever we’re committing i think i’ll declutter   the change maker um i’ve got the charlotte genius  [ __ ] powder for under eye and face did i like   this i can’t remember now i bought this for a  full face of charlotte tilbury video i’m pretty   sure didn’t i or did i get sent this i can’t  remember but i’m curious to see if i like it   so we’ll try it again we have heaps of the born  this way powder which was one of the only loose   powders i like let me grab all my loose powders  because i need to chop this [ __ ] down badly okay it’s even worse than i thought what the heck  oh yep there’s more i’m pretty sure there’s more i’m gonna put this sorry for the shaking  i’m holding my camera away but the cupcake   up the very top with my concealers and i also  found this that was in the wrong thing it’s the   Secret brightening powder for under eyes as well  so that doesn’t belong here we’ve got oh my god   there’s like loose pattern like [ __ ]  everywhere holy [ __ ] okay anyways so   this is another cream bronzer kind of product  one of my favorite cream bronzers it’s the   tantor i heard a beauty i love it it’s so good all  right so oh here’s my fit cover that i was talking   about one of the other mineral foundations  i’m obsessed with we’ve got the nikkia joy   i’m gonna keep that we’ve got  the river lotion light pink one   okay that just makes me hate it it just went  everywhere no i am sad okay i’m so over loose   powder right now i’m so upset okay anyways so  we’ve got the annabla one which i think was one of   my favorites because i kept the um refill so i’ll  donate the refill i just we’ll just keep that guy   um oh god we’ve got the laura mercier  i’ve got translucent honey and translucent i don’t know i don’t know  i’ve got real sand as well the heck I might keep the like actual tinted one i’m  gonna declutter this i loved this back in the day   for a loose powder but you know i have  to close these i don’t know it’s just   so many i like this this is the mineral veil  by bare minerals but it’s the illuminating   it’s really shiny so it’s actually really  pretty like if you just want like a really   bright face i’m gonna definitely keep sahara my  makeup store um okay this is another one of the   revolution which i’m terrified to open now please  don’t go everywhere please okay this one’s got the   sifter and i don’t know i feel like it’s such  a nice brightening color i might keep that for   now for like under the eyes or something let’s  see and we’ve got the peach perfect as well here   um which i used to love to i’m going  to declutter it i’ve got too many all right so we’ve really called it down now just  by simply getting rid of the loose powders oh my   god i’m loving it though like this is just so nice  and like minimal we look for that all right so   um do i want to put my under eye setting  powders in here i’m kind of tempted to actually   So we’ve got the laura mercier secret  brightening of powder for under eyes   i’m going to just grab them out and then put them  in here we’ve got the cupcake powder we’ve got   well-rested and summer bisque and then we have  our benefit pressed powders i might decolor them   we have our innisfree nocebo mineral powders which  is so nice for blurring and everything but these   are really old so i’m going to put them we have  the peach blur by too faced which is pretty old   also but it’s quite unique maybe i’ll keep  them for now i kind of want to try them again we have the cleo stay perfect  no sebum blur packed which   opens up like that and it’s like a translucent  kind of product i might keep it for now we’ve   got the urban decay press powder which i like  we have the nabla pressed powder which i like   we have australis price powder like covergirl  which i like the wild people translucent powder   which is one of the best you know translucent and  we have it the born this way almond pressed powder   i haven’t really used too much so maybe we’ll trim  out some more we’ve got the fit me pressed powders   Which are decent as well and then of course  we’ve got charlotte tilbury which is a nice   high-end one and my dior and two in natural which  is my face shade which i love when i put them the painting’s quite big it fits there okay so there we have it i feel like this looks weird over here i’m  trying to like make it look pretty but it’s kind   of annoying that’s how pretty powders oh wait  there’s a couple more there was the mac stuff   which do i keep there no way i might put that  in my highlighter drawer i think we talked about   that and then there is the becca pressed powder  which becca once again it discontinued so may   as well get rid of him wow we’re good today holy  [ __ ] so that’s what we’re left with for powder   and then this is what we’re left  with for bronzes not a bad curl   i think and i’ll show you what i got rid of i  got rid of all of those powders and bronzers in   here so some of these i will donate like the new  ones i’ll donate and then anything that’s pretty   You know pre-loved i can go to my friends  and family oh wait that’s not me this one   this one here will go up in  my palette holder on my desk   lucky i noticed that well i mean i wouldn’t know  so while i was re-organizing anyway but yeah so   that’s what we are getting rid of today there are  definitely some mess of favorites in here like   these and these but you know sometimes the love  just has to come to an end if you love it set it   free etc etc and i’ve got so many new favorites  and also a whole lot of new stuff that i haven’t   tried yet oh my god i’ve got makeup on my pinky  i’ll say my bleeding but it’s it’s makeup um i’ve   got some new things that i’ll end up transferring  to the drawers too lots of new bronzers i’ve   purchased by like vive cosmetics and other brands  yeah i also bought some of the physicians formula   bronzers because you guys recommended them so  we’ve got room for the new stuff to come in and   yeah i’m pretty excited about that so thank you  guys so much for watching i hope you enjoyed this   video i hope it was relaxing next up will probably  be the straw while i figure out what i’m going   To do with all my lashes because i’m thinking  i’m going to transfer all my lashes to my top   drawer and then utilize the space again for more  highlighters and blushes and stuff i don’t know   um so oh maybe i will do that next which means  i’ll do my single eye shadows and everything there   i don’t know i don’t really know what we’re gonna  do next so it’s gonna be a surprise for us all but   yeah i’m thinking about just rearranging some of  my drawers so that’ll be exciting anyways thank   you guys so much for watching i love you all so  much and i hope you have a fantastic rest of your   week safe rest of your week happy rest of your  week and i’ll talk to you guys in my next video you

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