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jennifer Lopez motivated makeup with a HUGE focus on mixing.

This video has to do with mixing just. Its not a lot about the ended up item – however how we arrived.

Fact is purple is my preferred colour. I enjoy it. I dislike pissing around with more than 3 colours on the eye i truly do. With excellent mixing strategies 2 colours (and a liner) are plenty. Mixing can turn a brilliant purple (example) into any shade of violet when coupled with a lighter colour (bisque).

The MAC 217 brush is perfect and in addition to MAC 226 brush one my favourites. Since the shape of it will fit most eyes, I choose the MAC 217 brush for mixing. Utilizing brush guards will extend the life and shape of your brush and bristles.

Sigma do a variation of the MAC 217 brush however its not one of my preferred brushes. I discover the shape does not run equally – implying one brush might look various from another and i discover the quality scratchy. I understand that numerous individuals like this brush – so its worth examining it out – as you never ever understand.


Crown likewise do one that is less expensive however the very same remarks above use.


As you’ll see going along, i am utilizing just the lightest touch. For a less remarkable appearance just use the colour on the eyelid (dark colour) and mix. This will bring it up onto the crease and will offer a less significant appearance.

I can not worry enough the value of utilizing a light touch. I suggest truly light touch. I understand you see me man-handling Mandy (lol) however that is primarily for silliness. If you deal with a makeup artist generally among the important things you’ll initially see is how “soft” they are on the eyes when using eye shadow.

Bare in mind that any kind of makeup artistry needs practice. Practice practice and in time you will get it.

Some are fortunate and have it down pat ideal method – that was and never ever has actually been me! lol

I genuinely think you can do a lot with just a number of colours. I have 100s however i just tend to utilize the exact same ones over and over once again. What a waste!

My preferred brand name of cosmetics (for eye shadows) are Makeup Atelier Paris – due to the fact that they use remarkable coloring and the cost is excellent. There has actually been a current rate boost however the eye shadow combinations stay the very same i think. Makeup Atelier do eye shadow schemes, creative eye shadows and single eye shadows. I advise the songs or combinations many of all.



Explore colour. Textures. Shimmer. Matte. Velour. See what works for you. Attempt including more colours. 3.4.5 various colours. Whatever works. When you discover how to mix the rest is simple.

Thank you for your time.


NOTE: I am not connected with love-makeup or any other business.

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