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After care steps for an eye infection?

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So a 19 year old female just recently overcame an eye infection that lasted a couple of days.

I went to the medical professional and I discovered it wasn’t pink eye.

Simply a random eye infection that I wasn’t offered the name of.

The physician stated that it was more than likely viral or bacterial, considering that I do not have a history of allergic reactions.

She stated it was extremely infectious

and to be very cautious, which I have actually been.

After taking some recommended antibiotic eye drops, the infection cleaned up in 5 days.

My eyes feel and look great now. Still have a bit of irritation and dryness, however,

I was informed those are simply adverse effects of the eye drops that I am still presently utilizing.

Okay, so my concerns are:

What do I do now to ensure it does not return?

Should I clean my bed sheets in addition to my pillowcases or are pillowcases sufficient?

What surface areas should I ensure to sanitize?

Am I permitted to use eye makeup once again?

Should I purchase brand-new eye makeup simply to be safe?


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