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4 Beauty Blunders That Would Horrify Your Beautician

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You don’t need to earn a certificate in beauty therapy, or take advanced beauty courses, in order to look attractive.

Most women can figure out how to choose a decent shampoo, fix their hair, moisturise their skin and apply the right shade of lip gloss without obtaining any special training.

However, the pros do have an advantage when it comes to discovering some of the finer points of beauty. They’ve tested more beauty products, experimented more and, as an inevitable result, observed more beauty mistakes. They also tend to be more adept at correcting those mistakes.

There are several common beauty blunders that beauticians and beauty editors tend to find horrifying. Are you making any of the following 4 mistakes?

1.  Using the Same Bar of Soap to Wash Your Face, Body and Hands

If your beautician catches you using ordinary soap to wash your face, she will probably cringe and shake her head in disapproval.

But why, you might ask?

It’s because she knows that ordinary soap is likely to strip away your skin’s natural oils and cause it irritation. Instead, it’s ideal to use a facial cleanser that’s tailored to your unique skin type.

2.  Tolerating Dark Under-Eye Circles

Dark under-eye circles can ruin your looks, making all your other beauty efforts seem useless.

Preventing dark circles can be challenging, but it’s worth the effort to try.


There are numerous problems that can cause dark under-eye circles. The most common is ordinary fatigue; if you’re not sleeping well, that’s the likeliest cause of those ugly raccoon-circles under your eyes. You can probably fix them by avoiding caffeine in the evening, going to bed at a reasonable hour, and sleeping on a comfortable bed — preferably one enhanced with a memory foam mattress topper.

If that doesn’t work, getting thoroughly hydrated is the next thing to try. Lack of sufficient water can sometimes cause ugly dark circles under your eyes.

There are many other possible causes of dark circles including allergies, atopic dermatitis and others.

So if sleeping and hydration don’t make a difference, you might wish to ask your GP for help with diagnosing the cause of your dark circles and fixing the underlying issue.

3.  Going to Sleep With Your Makeup On

Lady Gaga can somehow manage to sleep with a face full of makeup – but that doesn’t mean it’s ideal to do so.

Far from it. This can cause heaps of unwanted effects including breakouts, clogged pores and dull-looking skin. Even when you’re ultra-tired, it’s definitely worth taking the time to wash your face before you fall into bed.

4.  Choosing the Wrong Injector for Botox

Botox has its pros and cons. There are heaps of different ways that this procedure could go horribly wrong – and there is no easy fix for a botched Botox procedure. A couple of possibilities:

Frozen Botox Face – Have you ever seen a person whose forehead or entire face appears to be frozen? The person’s lips probably move just fine, but the rest of their face is almost totally expressionless. This effect is frequently the result of inexpertly applied Botox.

Droopy Eyelids – There are lots of things that can cause droopy eyelids, but failed Botox is high on the list of usual culprits. This can happen when your practitioner accidentally injects too much Botox in the region of the frontalis muscle in your forehead.

Botox mistakes, how to avoid them, what to do when they happen, and more from Dr. Brandith Irwin on SkinTour

A botched Botox will stay with you for longer than you want it to. This is definitely a case where prevention is better than cure. The best way to prevent this horrifying beauty blunder: Choose an expert injector who is highly experienced with applying anti-wrinkle injections.

For anti-wrinkle injections in Australia, consider working with Dr. Ajaka and his experienced staff at Cosmos Clinic. This highly reputable team is specially trained to perform injectable treatments. One of their injectors has even received an appointment to become an Allergan National Trainer. Allergan is the parent company of the Botox brand, and this highly coveted title has been granted to fewer than 20 doctors in Australia.

These 4 beauty blunders are mostly avoidable ones. You’re now updated on how to prevent and / or fix these common beauty problems, so you can steer clear of accidentally horrifying your beautician.

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