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You Can Literally Swim in Haus Laboratories New Waterproof Eyeliners

Remember back in May when Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande exhausted their epic music video for” Rain on Me ?” We’re still drooling over the futuristic getups and graphic eyeliner. And now we know exactly what eyeliner held up getting literally rained on. Haus Laboratories is about to roll out its brand-new gelatin eyeliner called the Eye-Dentify Gel Pencil Eyeliner. There are a whopping 20 shadows with metallic, spangle and matte finishes, including, of course, the ultra-white( announced Aura) the popping whizs are rocking in the video.

I love colorful eyeliner so I had to get the details right from Sarah Tanno, Lady Gaga’s makeup master and world-wide prowes director of Haus Laboratories. Over Zoom, of course, Tanno went me through the not-at-all-boring elementaries and the forceful color shadows in the accumulation.” We wanted to have you completely considered for all your fundamentals that weren’t too loud but would give you an option other than your ordinary chocolate-brown ,” she said.

Burn( a brownish-red) is one of her favourites, as is Sculpture, a terracotta chocolate-brown. She’s specially stimulated about the metals.” I’ve been on the hunt as a makeup creator for years to find this super metal pencil that roughly looks like a liquid foil ,” she adds.

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Image: Haus Labs.

There are so many colorful eyeliners on world markets, what manufactures these special? Well, when Tanno says they’re transfer-proof, she wants, they’re transfer-proof. That’s not easy to create in a milky gelatin liner.” They frequently move quite a bit because of the emollients but I’ve gone float with these liners on and not a smudge ,” she says. That’s something she thought about while working with the Haus team to offset these liners. The long-wearing formula realise them great for those working with monolids or hooded looks who usually deal with a lot of transfer.

” That’s why the dry-down time is quite quick ,” she says.” Because patrons were querying us, like,’ I have hooded seeings but I like to wear colorful gaze makeup or large-hearted black eyeliner but it always transposes .’ Once these determine, they’re not going to move .” Of track, if you have especially oily sees, you can pop on an eyeshadow primer first to ensure your look is locked in.

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Because we’re going to be wearing cover-ups for a long while, eyebrows and attentions, in general, are having such a moment. Tanno does construe people spend more hour on those features. She’s cherishing layering these liners like she did for the” Rain on Me” video.” I’m really into the double liner right now or pairing a matte and metallic ,” she says.” I think it draws more attention to your eyes. You can do it in your everyday wing shape or do a classic liner .”

Tanno likes to wear them just like she’s building an eyeshadow look.” You don’t have to be a skilled makeup craftsman to do this ,” she says.” It’s what Gaga and I ever think about when we’re on the hunt for a certain formula or a certain product. These liners are very tried and true to the way Gaga and I like to do makeup. That’s high-impact and fast. We crave you to be able to trust it so it doesn’t move, particularly for her, someone performing on theatre, or going on a red carpet and then to the two parties. Something that’s really going to last-place .”

And last it does. I made a page out of Tanno’s book( hey, she is well known she’s doing) and attempted to layer two liner emblazons on top of each other for a daring attention look to wear with my daily cover-up. I opt brights and pastels so I chose Priscilla( a matte pastel off-color) and Royale( a metal amber gold ). I’m not a makeup creator but I knew them really easy to use. They slipped on my hearts readily and didn’t smudge. When I messed up, because of course, I was able to fix up my order with an oil-based makeup remover. They’re so pigmented, you don’t have to go over the same recognize more than once to get a truly opaque line.

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I wore the look for hours sweating in my mask and there wasn’t a descend of blue-blooded on me. That’s seriously affecting. My only complaint is a personal preference. I require even more pastels and light hues. I’m dying for a shining pink in this long-wearing formula and likewise a lavender. I don’t wear chocolate-brown or black eyeliner very often but I know most people do. Because no watch is complete for me without pink, I lent a little shadow to the inner recess of my attentions. I can’t wait to see the symbol compute more to the line.

Pick up the Eye-Dentify Gel Pencil Eyeliners on August 4 on Amazon for $18 each.

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